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The Wrong Way to Use the Law of Attraction

A big mistake that people make with the Law of Attraction is found in their expectations. They fail to completely understand how the universe works and they expect results from what they want to change in their lives to happen right away. A mistake is thinking that the Law of Attraction is magic. You must…

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How to Create a Proper Vision Board

Why it’s important to have one: a vision board will help you to see what it is that you want the Law of Attraction to do for you. You can have a board for each area of your life or you can have a board that focuses on one area at time. Our brains take…

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What Is the Law of Attraction

The law of attraction is the practice that your thoughts have the potential to create concrete results or changes in your life. Whether those results are negative or positive will depend on the way that you think – the focus of your mental energy. Whatever you think – the positive or negative energy – is…

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